I saw this for the first time

SCAM on youtube with live stream lots of channels crreated with one video

its scammed or hacked accounts with deleted all vodes streaming one video scam that bill gates is asking for bicoins

this is bad news for those whome accounts been scammed or hacked.

i would like to have possibility to report videos or live stream videos

web site states that just give us money and bill gates will double, they trying to play then virus is out there

SCAM SITE https://billgatesdev.tech/

At this moment is all in youtube hands

i hope that google will try to stop this stream as fast as posible

i chatted with one owener of the scammed channel, he meneged to get back his acount and report issue with with that scam but google did nothing about that

i reported that site to microsft becouse its it using microsft name and logo. hope they will down that site

we need tool to stop that activity

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