Scam ad from Facebook

at the moment most popular scam social person is Elon Musk

i spoted one more fake ad on facebook


after Clik you will be redirected to the same as usally scammer site

nothing new this tim from scammers and nothing interesting

Scam site

it so little information on this that its borring to write about it,

Red flags

fake photos,

lets encrypt free ssl

but in the end you are getting to its strange

Scam ad from Facebook

screenshot taken 2020 03 01

it can be in different language or different title, but this time we can see this

after clincking this scam ad got tranfered to this site

i dont read the all the crap, but its using scam page templet so this is nothing new, in the end you can fine fake facebook comments, i tryed to comment, but no its not working. this scam is based on affiliat link to this site pleaes dotn clik on it

fake site after fake site, and main problem is that facebook is not doing anything, this is the problem i think facebook should take responsibility, for fake ads like this, becouse its a lot of tehm on facebook and people is loosing money, facebook and scammer is making money. SAD

and if you try to register you will get to one more scam site

plese be safe on the net and good luck

rel broker – scam offshore broker

WARNING!!! Cryptec is NOT Licensed by the FCA!

Just screenshot of the home page 2020 03 01

Just red flags

  1. its is based on wordpress, legal brokes do not use wordpress as website CMS
  2. No license, they do not hold any lisence UK, australia or USA. non.
  3. the domain is only 175 days. old.
  4. they trading platfrom it is just widget to

if you look in website bottom

you will see that they hiding some info from search robots by using image instead text

the capital of the company only 2500 eur

if you whant legal briker yse this link

Total number of the empluyees is 1.

it is claimed that the company main activity is other software publiching not finance or broker.

but they do have two licences scamm from Facebook ad

Today then we love in Social marketing era, a lot of scams you can find in facebook, or instagram this is the main two channels how scammers ir looking for potentional victims. You can better target your main audience, by age, sex, interests. Thats why scammers so loves facebook ads.

I think facebook robots knows i like to check scammer sites thats why i see lots of scam ads on my timeline ­čÖé and i allways pressing the ad to check. Today i am going to show one of them

screenshot taken 2020 03 01

I am going to start from red flag

  1. sorry I reported ad before taking screenshot, my mistake.
  2. after pressing ad you can see this image:

they faking the guardian news page under fake domain,

the main photo with elon musk is taken from interview from cnn

the whole article is talking about making money using scam how good it is how easy is to make money do nothing. It is standart scam article, sadlly that facebook dont use AI to stop ads like this.

it is not the first time i see this, all links except create account is not working. in the page you can find lots of icos, legal companys logos, but you can get any outband link.

there is no Contacts page. no phone number email, or live chat,

After registration you will get redirect to

no identity verifiation just create account and fund. it is now how it works in legal way.

one more step is to press account funding

by pressing this button we will get to this site:

About this page i will write in next article

If you whant Legal tranding please go and check this links