How facebook and shopify tolerating this? or How to lose our facebook and maybe your paypal or nettler password

SCAM ads

This just for redirecting site

You will be redirected to this site

in this site they asking yoo to enter you facebook details and your paypal, nettler password or IBAN number

the main goal i thinks is to get your paypal or nettler password, they hope that you are using the same email adress and the same password for all accounts,

the main problem that facebook and shopify doing nothing to protect theyr customers. so sad

Scam ad from Facebook

at the moment most popular scam social person is Elon Musk

i spoted one more fake ad on facebook


after Clik you will be redirected to the same as usally scammer site

nothing new this tim from scammers and nothing interesting

Scam site

it so little information on this that its borring to write about it,

Red flags

fake photos,

lets encrypt free ssl

but in the end you are getting to its strange

Scam ad from Facebook

screenshot taken 2020 03 01

it can be in different language or different title, but this time we can see this

after clincking this scam ad got tranfered to this site

i dont read the all the crap, but its using scam page templet so this is nothing new, in the end you can fine fake facebook comments, i tryed to comment, but no its not working. this scam is based on affiliat link to this site pleaes dotn clik on it

fake site after fake site, and main problem is that facebook is not doing anything, this is the problem i think facebook should take responsibility, for fake ads like this, becouse its a lot of tehm on facebook and people is loosing money, facebook and scammer is making money. SAD

and if you try to register you will get to one more scam site

plese be safe on the net and good luck

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